Top 10 Quotes From the Virtual Bitcoin Conference- here are 10 memorable quotes to take away from five days of the virtual blockchain conference.

The five-day Unitize virtual blockchain conference organized by BlockShow and San Francisco Blockchain Week ended with the final session on Friday. The event saw appearances from Heath Tarbert, the chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, a co-founder of sell bitcoin to paypal usd and Tim Draper, a serial blockchain investor, as well as other speakers from a diverse pool of market segments both within and outside the crypto space.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to catch all the goings-on at the conference, it is available on Cointelegraph’s YouTube channel in full. Or, to keep it short and sweet, below are the top 10 quotes from the event sponsored by crypto bitcoin exchange platform

There are a bunch of fancy arithmetic techniques that allow us to cut these witness sizes down to the point where the extra data that stateless clients need to download is actually not that much. But still research and still a lot of refinement required, and this is something where we actively welcome more help from the academic research community

Blockchain adoption, decentralized finance, central bank digital currencies and the future of Bitcoin (BTC) dominated the conversation in many of the panels. The event also saw speakers chart possible paths forward for the advancement of the industry.