We May Expect a Bitcoin Rally

Sell bitcoin to credit card usd figures have set records in western countries, especially in the United States. The road to economic recovery is still unknown. The current situation seems to indicate that businesses need new types of fundraising in order to fully recover or to restructure.

The lag between infection cases and deaths is around two to three weeks: This means that whenever the epidemic resurfaces, according to data obtained from the first wave, this happens predictably, in risk groups and regionally.

Retail investors in the risk groups typically do not invest in Bitcoin or blockchain-based assets. Wealth owned by those in their 70s and above is typically in real estate, bonds and indices. The same investors, who are the most susceptible to contracting and dying of the novel coronavirus, are the most established in our society. Meanwhile, statistics show that the deaths are heavily concentrated among working-class individuals, ethnic minorities and those lacking access to quality health care. Residents of care homes have been particularly vulnerable.

The effect on Bitcoin in this respect would be practically nil.

Its influence on institutional money has been two-fold. On one hand, institutions have enjoyed unprecedented support from the government through bailing out their debt by buying equity-backed bonds, and on the other hand, funds such as Bitcoin to paypal sell 2020 have seen increased volumes.